Kephas UX

The User Experience is actually the part that has the most impact on the final customer. Kephas provides the complete infrastructure on top of which enterprise application may be built in no time, with out-of-the-box navigation, search - including full text, data binding, validation checks, activities, and a lot of other features which make the development a pleasure and provide a rich experience for the end user.


Currently Kephas UX supports the leading UX frameworks from Microsoft, WPF and Silverlight, by integrating Microsoft Prism with its Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM) design pattern implementation and Microsoft Extensibility Framework (MEF) support.


This is one of our design concerns. The user must feel free and not blocked by dialogs or stubborn editors.

  • Provides a highly responsive UI due to asynchronous calls.
  • The modal dialogs are as much s possible avoided.
  • The validation is non-blocking. The controls are displayed with a red border and the user may continue to work.

Built-in components

  • Extent Navigators: data navigators for extents.
  • Entity Views: views and editors for entities.
  • Activity panel: displays and starts activities.
  • PropertyEditor: automatic editor component locator, complex binding using both data entities and data editors (ReadOnly, Valid).
  • The editors’ set is flexible and configurable. We are currently using Telerik components, but any editors of your choice may be used.

Other Features

  • Search: Simple Property Based, Advanced Property Based, Full Text
  • Syleable, default Windows 7 Skin