Excellence? Delivered.

It's never been easy to bring the customers and the developers together and keep them happy. They have different views, different needs, and different compentencies. They speak most of the time different languages even if located across the street, and this is because they belong to different worlds. Behind the scenes there is a critical factor that's driving both of them: the market. Both want to be successful, both want to stay ahead of the competitors. And here comes Kephas Framework and brings them together.

The main challenge the software publisher faces today is the customization: the business solution he offers must match the customer's requirements. And each customer wants to have his problems solved the way he understands to drive his business. Is it possible to manage this situation without having the costs explode? And the answer is yes, it is possible. The software industry must walk the way other industries did, for example automobile industry, and allow each customer to have it his way. This is only possible by giving up manufacturing, and starting building and aggregating smaller solutions into a fully customized product, just like in a factory. Can this be accomplished here and now?

Customer needs

  • Customized solution to meet business requirements.
  • Localized solution.
  • Stable, proven infrastructure supporting the newest technological innovations.
  • Minimal, if any, deployment and technical management overhead.
  • Target multiple devices.
  • Comfortable and rich user experience.
  • Quick responses to the rapid changing business environment.
  • A common language with the software publisher.

Software publisher needs

  • Management of multiple custom implementations, support of a modular architecture.
  • Support of multiple localizations.
  • Support of on-premise and cloud deployments.
  • Support of web applications.
  • Support of multiple UI platforms.
  • Support of a large pallete of UI components with high interactivity.
  • Minimal response times to change requests.
  • A common language with the end customer.

The good news is that Kephas Framework is the software factory we built for you. To fulfill these needs, both yours and your customers'.

Thanks for visiting us, and we hope you have a good time developing with Kephas Framework.

Yours sincerely,
The Kephas Framework Team